Internship Front-end JavaScript Developer (Temporary)


As part of the expansion towards Addinsoft Cloud products and the development of new products, we are recruiting a Front-end JavaScript developer on a work-study contract. JavaScript Front-end developer. The missions corresponding to the position are : 

  • Participation in the development of new Web applications.
  • Develop and maintain existing applications (new features, quality, UX, performance, quality, UX, performance, ...).
  • Participation in the improvement of the Addinsoft Front-end standard (automation, reusability, development best practices, etc.).


  • Student in engineering school (or equivalent);
  • Good knowledge of JavaScript, HTML and CSS;
  • Knowledge of Vue.JS or React appreciated;
  • Curiosity and apetite to learn;
  • Willingness to take care of your work, both in terms of code and user interface.


About Addinsoft

Addinsoft is a publisher of applied mathematics software. Created in 2000, it is one of the main players in the data analysis software market.


Addinsoft software helps customers analyze their data and make decisions whose scope and risk are controlled. From the food industry to life sciences, including marketing, finance, or the public sector, literally thousands of users have benefited from our flexible and powerful software. Furthermore, many scientific articles have been published using our tools, whose quality is always our uncompromising focus.


XLSTAT, an internationally recognized statistical software package, was Addinsoft's initial product. It is still downloaded more than 600 times per day by a growing community of users, who benefit from more than 20 years of R&D investment to optimize the computing engine’s algorithms. In 2018, Addinsoft acquired MINER3D® to strengthen its data visualization capabilities. In 2020, we added ZENPLOT (Data visualization), XLRISK (Risk analysis) and XLOPTIM (Optimization solver) to the product line, enabling our customers to make even better, more insightful decisions.


All the software programs in the Addinsoft suite are #NoCode and integrated with third-party platforms such as Microsoft Excel® or Google Sheets®